Sway Cricket Club Matches

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View Match Results02 September 2017FriendlyHythe & DibdenHytheLost
View Match Results26 August 2017FirstOld BasingSway, Jubilee FieldWon
View Match Results26 August 2017FourthEllingham IIIPenningtonWon
View Match Results26 August 2017SecondLyndhurst & Ashurst CCBoltons Bench, LyndhurstWon
View Match Results19 August 2017ThirdVerwood IIPenningtonLost
View Match Results19 August 2017FourthLyndhurst & Ashurst IIBoltons Bench, LyndhurstLost
View Match Results19 August 2017SecondMudeford IISway, Jubilee FieldWon
View Match Results19 August 2017FirstBedhamptonBidbury Mead BedhamptonWon
View Match Results12 August 2017FirstRedlynch and HaleSway, Jubilee FieldWon
View Match Results12 August 2017SecondParley IILittledown CentreWon
View Match Results12 August 2017ThirdBeaulieuBeaulieuWon
View Match Results12 August 2017FourthBurley IIPenningtonWon
View Match Results06 August 2017SecondWintonSway, Jubilee FieldWon
View Match Results05 August 2017ThirdBrockenhurst IIPenningtonLost
View Match Results05 August 2017FourthHordleHordle Rec.Won
View Match Results05 August 2017FirstEllinghamPicket PostWon
View Match Results04 August 2017SwayBashleyLymingtonLost
View Match Results15 July 2017FirstTotton & Eling IISouthern Gardens TottonWon
View Match Results15 July 2017ThirdMilford on SeaPenningtonWon
View Match Results15 July 2017SecondBrockenhurstSway, Jubilee FieldWon
View Match Results15 July 2017FourthChristchurch IIHurn Bridge ChristchurchWon
View Match Results14 July 2017SwayPylewellPylewellWon
View Match Results12 July 2017FriendlyPennington & WellworthySway, Jubilee FieldLost
View Match Results09 July 2017SwayHythe & DibdenSway, Jubilee FieldWon
View Match Results08 July 2017ThirdDorset IndiansWallisdown RecLost
View Match Results08 July 2017FirstFair Oak IISway, Jubilee FieldLost
View Match Results08 July 2017FourthMudeford IIIPenningtonWon
View Match Results08 July 2017SecondFerndown & Wayfarers IIKings Park Lost
View Match Results01 July 2017FourthFerndown & Wayfarers IIIPenningtonWon
View Match Results01 July 2017SecondDamerhamSway, Jubilee FieldWon
View Match Results01 July 2017FirstEast WoodhayMalverleys EastWoodhayWon
View Match Results01 July 2017FriendlySanford ArmsSway, Jubilee FieldWon
View Match Results01 July 2017ThirdRingwoodCarvers FieldWon
View Match Results26 June 2017SwayHythe & DibdenHytheWon
View Match Results24 June 2017SecondLymington IIISway, Jubilee FieldWon
View Match Results24 June 2017ThirdSuttoners IIPenningtonWon
View Match Results24 June 2017FirstBasingstoke + North Hants IIICastlefield BasingstokeWon
View Match Results19 June 2017SwayFawleyFawleyWon
View Match Results17 June 2017FirstParleySway, Jubilee FieldLost
View Match Results17 June 2017ThirdNew Milton IVFernhill Sports Ground, New MiltonWon
View Match Results17 June 2017FourthLymington IVPenningtonWon
View Match Results12 June 2017SwayLangley ManorSway, Jubilee FieldWon
View Match Results10 June 2017SecondBashley IVSway, Jubilee FieldWon
View Match Results10 June 2017FourthParley IIILittledown CentreLost
View Match Results10 June 2017ThirdHydePenningtonLost
View Match Results10 June 2017FirstBournemouth IIChapel GateWon
View Match Results04 June 2017SwayHythe & DibdenHytheLost
View Match Results03 June 2017ThirdPylewell IIPylewellLost
View Match Results03 June 2017FourthCadnam IIIPenningtonLost
View Match Results03 June 2017SecondGodshillGodshillWon
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